Because unwise people are easily offended, especially upon their considering their perceptions of their intelligence, it must first be stated that this website is only what it describes with words that hold their meaning, and therefore cannot offend anyone who understands plain English words. Further, no commonly wise person can possibly be offended or insulted, because that which is, is not altered by expressing that which is not, and any limit on discussion limits the learning of new knowledge.

Using the human mind's design, individuals learn different knowledge, nothing among it objectively superior, despite common self flattery among those who are self fooled by their illusions.

The purpose of this website is to ascertain if there are any humans in the world, who discover this website, who might want to respond, who have already learned the complete functional design of the human mind and the human phenomenon.

And concurrently, the purpose of this website is to discover if there is anyone of such knowledge, who might wish to be available for intelligent discussions.

Such discussions would differ from those among people who have arrived at conclusions they have not yet sufficiently questioned, perhaps having not yet recognized the incentive to ask further questions to identify uncontradicted conclusions which create the only knowledge of sustainable utility in itself, or useful for yet more advanced knowledge.

There is nothing lesser or greater about discussions among people who have not yet sufficiently questioned their conclusions, as I had not yet done throughout earlier years, as is the case with all humans for a portion of their life, usually all of it. Such discussions are the process to advance one's knowledge, if one does not stop questioning their conclusions until there are no remaining unresolved contradictions ascertainable by a full diversity of questioning, and more.

While the currently primitive intellectual condition of humans is adequate for human life, with the resulting frustrations and amusement, the currently available knowledge of the future is inordinately intriguing. It efficiently resolves all identifiable contradictions, and facilitates the identity of new contradictions not yet known to humans.

If discussions among those who have already identified the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, are facilitated, the intellectual rewards would be apparent, perhaps for significant mutual and social value.

Further enjoyment of the human comedy would obviously be the first result.

This website may yet be before its optimum time, as indicated by internet searches for advanced knowledge. Very few of the few such above referenced humans may be online. Fewer may discover this website. Fewer may wish to respond. But record of history may note the time of this internet indicator.

Such humans recognize who they are, and were already smiling before they reached these words.

If you are otherwise curious, simply write your answer to each of a few dozen questions at, date and ascribe your name to your answers, and upload or distribute them for diverse people to consider your reasoning ability. Challenge anyone to identify any contradiction in your answers, after you have asked enough questions to ascertain that no contradiction can be verified.

Human minds which are currently self-induced victims of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, cannot identify that condition of their mind, or its consequences, by design. Therefore, so as to not facilitate any unrewarding use of their time with a response to this website, and so they can more valuably use their time among those who can gratify their ego, the following are some classifications and descriptions of people who would more wisely advance their pursuits among their described colleagues, and NOT respond to this website. Such people might wish to question their way out of their institutional contradictions, just as I had to do. They might consider for any possible assistance, if they wish to do so.

...People who perceive that they are smarter than other people, or in any way superior to any other human.
...Lawyers, court judges, justices, law professors, and their ilk.
...Government officers and their permanent employees.
...People who use money for noticeable self benefit.
...High IQ folks who claim the credential.
...Formal school instructors at all levels.
...People who claim or use any titles.
...Organization leaders.

Thank you for being so kind as to consider these words.

May you learn the most knowledge of the most concepts, most efficiently.



Doug Buchanan
May 19, 1947 - February 7, 2012
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